This is what makes authoritarian parents

We all want to raise smart, confident, and successful children. But where to start? And what is the best parenting style. Parenting styles fall into four main categories.

You may wear one or more of these different styles at different times, depending on the situation and context. Studies have found that authoritarian parents are more likely to raise confident children who achieve academic success, have better social skills, and are more capable at problem solving. Rather than always coming to the rescue of their children, which is more typical of permissive parents.

Authoritarian parents allow their children to make mistakes. This offers children the opportunity to learn and at the same time lets them know that their parents will be there to support them. Authorized parenting is especially helpful when it comes to conflict, because how we learn to cope at an early age plays a big role in how we handle our losses or how resilient we are in our adult lives.

With permissive parents, solutions to conflicts generally depend on the child. The child “wins” and the parent “loses.” I have seen this approach lead to children becoming more self-centered and less capable of self-regulation. Of course, there are times when punishment is necessary, such as taking a break. But the problem with constant punishment is that it doesn’t really teach your child anything useful.

In most cases, it teaches them that the person with the most power wins, fair or not. Suppose your 10-year-old son begs not to go to soccer practice: “I don’t want to because I don’t think he’s good at it.” An empowered parent might say, “I understand you don’t want to go. But sometimes fighting the urge to avoid doing something difficult is the way to get better!” While authoritarian parents set limits and expect their children to behave responsibly.

they don’t just demand blind obedience. They communicate and reason with the child, which can help inspire cooperation and teach children the reason behind the rules. Authoritarian parenting does not guarantee success While experts are highly praised for authorized parenting, it is important to note that using just one method does not always guarantee positive results. Parenting is not an exact science. In many ways, it is more like an art.