These cult favorite pants look like pants

New Years resolutions may seem a bit overwhelming, but there are things you can do to set yourself up for success. For example, if your goals this year have something to do with your capsule wardrobe, minimal fashion, forgoing sweatpants, or looking stylish without compromising on comfort.

ADAY’s top-rated pants can help. Since they look like pants but feel like your favorite sportswear, reviewers can (and often do) wear them for everything from work presentations to yoga classes to marathons. Take a look at two of ADAY’s best-selling silhouettes below to see why tons of reviewers repeat the outfit on a weekly basis. Since their launch in 2017, these cult favorite pants have earned an overall 4.6 star rating from over 300 reviewers. “Perfect for lounging, working and even for cocktail hour,” writes one reviewer.

Another compliment, ‚ÄúThese pants are everything quality should be: super stylish yet incredibly comfortable. I love them and wear them most [days] of the week. “While they’re silky smooth and stretch for comfort, the pleats, pockets, and high-rise silhouette ensure that you look especially groomed, without matter where you go or what you’re doing, they come in five sizes and four colors, including black and beige. The sister style of Turn It Up, these Turn It Around Pants were launched in April 2021 to further enhance the fan-favorite silhouette.

The pleats were removed and the waist was lowered to create tailored pants that shoppers have called “out of this world” and their “favorite pair of pants” throughout their wardrobe. Thanks to the double hem on the straight legs, they can be turned up or worn loosely, and while they are stretchy throughout, the waist has additional elastic to keep you comfortable from morning to night. These come in five colors and five sizes, and there is even a pocket that is large enough for your phone.

However, these pants don’t just prioritize style and comfort; they also prioritize functionality and the environment. Since ADAY uses durable materials with performance properties, its parts last longer and can be used for a wider variety of occasions. In fact, ADAY customers report buying 34% less clothing after purchasing the brand’s Turn It Up pants, which are worn on average at least once a week for five years. Studies show that clothing is generally worn only seven times before being thrown away, so it’s safe to say that these pants are worth well above average.

Both your wallet and the earth will thank you for this purchase. The silky fabric is Made in Italy, Made in Portugal and tested to withstand 100,000 rough touches without any pilling. It’s also breathable and sweat-wicking, not to mention machine washable, fade and wrinkle resistant (so you can say goodbye to dry cleaning in 2022). Finally, if your next year’s plans include some travel, they pack especially well without wrinkles and save space in your suitcase.