Storm clouds accumulate after COP26

In addition to a series of extreme and destructive events influenced by rising temperatures, the past 12 months have seen unprecedented political engagement on the issue, culminating in the COP26 summit in Glasgow in November.

Undoubtedly, progress was made and the overarching goal of the meeting was faster action on a whole range of measures to curb emissions. But now there is growing concern that this momentum may dissipate in the coming months. President Biden’s possible failure to get his Build Back Better Act in Congress would significantly affect the US ‘ability to meet the tough climate goals to which the White House has committed.

It would also greatly affect the relatively unified approach to climate change displayed among world leaders at COP26. Everything Biden promised led to this relatively good atmosphere and a sense of momentum in Glasgow said Dr Joanna Depledge fellow at the Cambridge Center for Environment, Energy and Natural Resource Governance. But these were just promises, he needs to pass the bill in Congress. And now he looks more and more risky.

I think the situation for us is critical. He can do some things with executive orders, but that’s certainly not the kind of sustained institutional change of climate legislation that we are doing”. really looking.  The despair among many in the US over the possible failure of President Biden’s bill will also have effects around the world. This will undoubtedly be the case in China, a country that is pained by the perception.

He is also concerned that the proper introduction of carbon taxes on imported goods in Europe could heighten a sense of injustice and frustration in Beijing. that it exerted its political force in Glasgow to get its way. Biden’s political difficulties with the bill are seen as further proof that “the West is in decline. This pessimistic outlook is reflected in the fact that next year’s COP will be held in Egypt and the next in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

The Chinese side will see how they are treated in front of others and will judge whether the game is fair and, more importantly, whether it is about the environment or just geopolitics and trade,” he told the BBC. News. Overall, I see a more turbulent year ahead. The years leading up to the Paris agreement were an example of how geopolitics helped advance the climate agenda. What lies ahead may be the opposite.