New Jersey Governor Murphy criticized

New Jersey Democratic Governor Phil Murphy is warming up to take an eight-day Christmas vacation in Costa Rica despite the State Department warning travelers to reconsider.

Murphy, vice president of the National Association of Governors, called from Costa Rica to President Biden’s COVID-19 response meeting with the nation’s governors on Monday, where he received a “thank you” from the president before the meeting was closed at public.vMurphy and his wife left the country on Dec. 22 and are due to return Thursday, while Lt. Gov. Sheila Oliver serves as interim governor.

We are going to spend some time together as a family,” the governor responded, reported. “Please, God, we need it. Murphy was asked last week if the trip was appropriate, as his condition is on the rise. in COVID-19 cases with a seven-day average case count of 14,405. Murphy has come under fire for his actions multiple times over the course of the pandemic.

When the coronavirus began to rage across the country in March 2020, Murphy advocated keeping armed guards for personal protection from him while he closed “non-essential” gun stores. In August, Republicans criticized him, including his predecessor, former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, for sending the “wrong message” after flying to Italy for a 10-day vacation when the delta variant of the coronavirus emerged in the country.

A few months later, Murphy defended himself for attending a George Floyd protest, saying “I can’t imagine what it would be like if we said to people, ‘You have to ignore systemic racism, stay inside.’ – home delivery only two days later. Jeff Van Drew, R-New Jersey, who was a Democrat until December last year, told Fox News Digital in a statement that he finds Murphy’s trip to Costa Rica hypocritical.

For Governor Murphy to defy orders, including his, is nothing new,” the congressman said. “He has left New Jersey state on personal trips multiple times during the pandemic, but continually enforces mask mandates, vaccination mandates, and virtual school is now back on the table. If Governor Murphy is able to travel out of the country when the State Department urges the American people to stay.