As Omicron Spreads In India Mass Gatherings

Doctors in India are bracing for a possible third wave fueled by the highly contagious variant of Omicron, as cases surge and political leaders hold mass meetings ahead of key elections.

In the past week, the number of Omicron cases from India has more than tripled, with 781 infections now recorded, compared to 236 last Tuesday It may not seem like that many in a nation of 1.3 billion, but the rapid spread of the variant in other countries, several of which are now seeing dramatic increases, is enough to put health experts on edge. And the actual number of Omicron cases is likely higher than official figures due to insufficient evidence.

If India observes the same pattern as the UK, and if we compare the population of both countries, 80,000 daily cases in the UK would mean around 1.4 million daily Covid cases in India,” said VK Paul, Director of Covid Task of the country. Force, at a press conference on December 17. Over the past month, India has consistently reported 6,000 to 9,000 total cases per day, but several of the country’s largest cities have seen a surge in infections in recent weeks.

The Mumbai financial center, which had been reporting 600 to 800 new cases daily in the previous weeks, recorded 2,510 cases on Wednesday. New Delhi, the national capital, also saw more than 900 cases on Wednesday, a sharp increase since the beginning of the month, when new daily cases were in the dozen. The federal Health Ministry warned last week of “early signs of an increase in Covid-19 cases.

Researchers from the Indian Institute of Technology project that a third wave could peak between late winter and early winter. spring. The situation may sound familiar. In some ways, it echoes last spring, just before the country was devastated by a second wave of coronavirus from March to June. The increase completely overwhelmed India’s healthcare system, without beds, oxygen supplies or medicines.

Across the country, overflowing hospitals turned patients away and left them dying on the streets. The second wave was also preceded by a state election that saw large political demonstrations even as cases spiked and doctors warnings were disregarded. Now, experts fear that India may be on the cusp of a third wave. So far, data from other countries suggests that Omicron may cause milder illness than previous variants.